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Board committees

Alternatives Federal Credit Union is a financial cooperative. The Board of Directors are elected representatives of the members of Alternatives.

Board Committees are the training and recruiting ground for Board members. Committees meet once a month. Their membership is comprised of Board members, non-Board Credit Union members, and a staff liaison. Committees make recommendations to the Board, which makes final decisions.

If you are interested in participating as a volunteer, please consider joining a Board committee. Contact the staff liaison or the committee chair to learn more, including the date of the next committee meeting.

Loan Policy Committee
Review and propose changes to loan policies and make recommendations for new programs. Review and discuss monthly lending activity, trends, and changes.

The value of serving on the Loan Policy Committee is being able to work towards creating products that help underserved people: being true to our mission. It is rewarding to see the impact our work has in the community. We see members become homeowners at Alternatives after other lenders refused to work with them. We see small businesses open their doors and enrich our community. We watch members on the Credit Path work to establish credit, borrow for a car, and eventually become homeowners. 

Staff Liaison: Carol Chernikoff

Finance Committee
Review budgets, audit, capital expenditures, delinquency, collection, investments, and financial statements.

Why should you join the Finance Committee? The Finance Committee is where the money is! Seriously, there is nothing that is more important for a credit union than to ensure that its operations are financially sound. The Finance Committee works closely with Alternatives' top-notch staff to review financial trends, develop financial policies and oversee how the Credit Union's funds are invested and spent.

This work directly affects the ability of Alternatives to meet its core mission of helping everyone take better control of their financial futures. Members of the Finance Committee help prioritize how and where we spend Alternatives' resources. These decisions directly affect the programs and services offered by Alternatives, and ultimately, its members. You don't have to be a bean counter to join the Finance Committee. You just have to have an interest in the future of our members.

Staff Liaison: 
Kevin Mietlicki

Human Resources Committee

Prepare personnel policies, review employee concerns, prepare employment contracts, recommend annual personnel budget, coordinate CEO annual appraisal and review salary charts.

Members of the Personnel Committee meet monthly with the Human Resources Director to discuss a wide variety of personnel related matters such as proposed revisions to personnel policies, proposed changes to employee benefits such as health insurance and review of annual salary charts used to set staff salaries and year-end bonuses. The committee reviews the proposed annual personnel budget and makes recommendations to the full Board as part of the budget process. The Personnel Committee is also responsible for coordinating the annual review of the CEO, with at least one member participating in the review.

Staff Liaison: Tristram Coffin

Member Services Committee

This committee monitors issues and discusses strategies to deliver efficient, high- quality member service. They focus on two parts of Alternatives' Strategic Plan: "Making Members Lives Easier" and "More Members, More Products, More Services."

Staff Liaison: Reiley Schoen 

Community Relations Committee

Review credit union's needs for external funding and strategies for obtaining funding. Review policy, support various education programs (IDA, Business CENTS, Money Wise, Student Credit Union.) Review, maintain and encourage adherence to our Mission Statement. Nominate to fill volunteer openings and plan Annual Meeting.

The challenge of our Community Relations Committee is to identify and build successful strategies and solutions for gaining financial support that will fund the numerous educational and outreach programs that are a vital part of our work as a Community Development Credit Union. Examples of sources for funding are foundations, private corporations and government funds earmarked for economic development. Obtaining funding is enhanced through the creative thinking and brainstorming that is done by Development Committee members. When done right, the Development Committee work can be passed along to assist other groups whose same mission is to build sound, economic survival and growth strategies for the underserved.

Staff Liaison: Karl Graham

Supervisory Committee

Oversees internal audit functions for Alternatives.

Federal Credit Union bylaws mandate the establishment of a Supervisory Committee. The job of the committee is to work to ensure the financial safety and soundness of the credit union on behalf of the Credit Union's members, one of the most important jobs associated with the Credit Union. The Supervisory Committee has two general goals:

  1. Ensure management's financial reporting presents a fair and accurate picture of the Credit Union's condition.
  2. Ensure management practices and procedures safeguard member's assets.
The main tool used by the Supervisory Committee to accomplish its goals is hiring external auditors to perform an annual audit of the Credit Union's finances and accounting controls. Each year the committee solicits bids from, then hires an accounting firm or other qualified auditing organization. The committee also reviews internal controls, audit and Federal examination findings, and follows up on recommendations made in the audit and examination. Supervisory Committee members are volunteers, appointed by the Board of Directors. A Committee member must be a member of the Credit Union and be bondable by the Credit Union's bonding company. Accounting or bookkeeping experience is not required, through it would be helpful in carrying out the mission of the committee.

Contact the Supervisory Committee

Supervisory Committee Chair
PO Box 462
Ithaca, NY 14851

Note: Please use this address for Supervisory Committee correspondence only. Do not send loan payments, insurance policies, regular mail, etc. to this address

Staff Liaison: Melissa Pollack

Governance Committee

The responsibilities are documenting board policies and procedures, board assessment, conflict resolution, and training for new and veteran board members. Nominate to fill volunteer board openings.

Staff Liaison: Eric Levine

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When I decided to open a new preschool in Trumansburg, the Business CENTS program at Alternatives was suggested by many. With the outstanding support and guidance from the Business CENTS staff, I was able to write my first business plan and secure a business loan. My preschool is now open for business, and I am confident I will be off to a successful start! The Business CENTS program has been invaluable, and I would recommend their services and banking to all. Thank you Alternatives!

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