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Community Support Account

Community Support Account

The Community Support Account (CSA)
is a great way for you to help your favorite local non-profit organization just by opening an account or being approved for a personal loan with Alternatives. Existing Alternatives members can also designate their current accounts for inclusion in the CSA program.

Eligible accounts include:

• Checking and Savings accounts
• Auto and Personal loans

Account types that are not eligible include: business accounts and loans (including commercial mortgages), mortgages and home equity loans, Student Credit Union accounts, IOLA accounts, trust and escrow accounts.

How it works
By opening or maintaining a positive balance of your accounts, Alternatives FCU will make a payment to your favorite non-profit based on the balances in your account and the accounts of all the other members who have signed up.

Instant $30
$30.00 for each new member opening a CSA checking account.

Annual 1.0%
For new personal and auto loans, Alternatives donates 1% of the average loan balance for the first year to your chosen non-profit.

0.10% Annual
In addition to your interest earnings, Alternatives donates .1% of the average balance of qualified deposit accounts to your chosen non-profit.

*Program rules and restrictions apply.

Participating organizations
We are adding new non-profits as the program grows. Stay tuned.

Cancer Resource Center

Civic Ensemble

Finger Lakes ReUse

Friendship Donations Network

To join
We open accounts in person at our 125 N. Fulton St. branch six days a week. For loans, apply online. Please request the CSA account (and the non-profit you want to support) to your loan officer after you are approved.
Already a member?
Great! You can easily call or email us to let us know that you would like to switch your account(s) to the CSA account. 

Online Access

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Rima Shamieh

My IDA [Individual Development Account] experience was just incredible. I saved a few bucks every week and after a year, I had a savings account with $3,000 in it! And I'm glad that the MoneyWise class was required, because it really helped me develop a healthier relationship with money. So many of the skills I learned in class seemed so obvious, but I never thought/knew how to do them until we went over them in class. For example, tracking my spending made a HUGE difference in how I now spend money. Also, the exercises in the beginning when we explored our relationships with money - I discovered I'm a carefree, spirited, impulsive spender. It helps to put a name on things.

After accruing thousands of dollars in debt from student loans from when I was an undergraduate, I was determined to do all I could to stay out of debt for when I continued my education. The IDA really helped. I feel so much better prepared to build equity and save for my future. Thanks, Alternatives!

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