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AFCU Launches Community Assistance Loan Fund



AFCU Launches Community Assistance Loan Fund

Alternatives Federal Credit Union is proud to announce: 

The AFCU Community Assistance Loan Fund 

to help you fill the gaps due to lost or reduced income
and increased expenses at this time.

The details

  • We’re offering a 0% loan (yep, there’s really no interest!) to bring some much-needed stability to your life as you face unexpected expenses due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Personal loans up to $3,000
  • Business, non-profit, and organizations loans up to $8,000
  • Both members and non-members are encouraged to apply

And, we’re pairing this financial assistance with compassionate, guiding knowledge from our Financial Counselors, Business Counselors, and Lending Officers.

Our staff will work collaboratively to help you explore all your options, including other funds and programs at AFCU and elsewhere - to get the maximum assistance you may need.

Interested? Let's find solutions together

How to apply for a Personal Loan


How to apply for a Business, Non-Profit, or Organization Loan

  • Loans for up to $8,000 per business, non-profit, or organization to cover costs or lost funds associated with COVID-19

  • Members and non-members are encouraged to apply

For questions about business qualifications, applications, and more, please contact:

Kathleen Clark, Director of Business Development at [email protected]


Alternatives Federal Credit Union is an Equal Credit Opportunity lender and encourages applications by women, people of color, and WBE and MWBE business enterprises, among others.

A special thank you to the Community Foundation of Tompkins County and our other community partners for making the AFCU Community Assistance Loan Fund possible


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