Make Your Website Discoverable!

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Make Your Website Discoverable! with True Creative- September 27


Make your website discoverable!

SEO: The key to being found in online searches.

Date:                          September 27th

Times:                        9:30am - 11:30am

Location:                  125 N Fulton St, 2nd floor                             

Registration Fee:       $30.00

RSVP Information:     Please register here

This class will be led by Julianna Truesdale and Brandon Kelloway, Managing Partners of True Creative. This workshop is focused on providing attendees critical steps and considerations when optimizing their websites, campaigns, products, or content to ensure that they are found in online searches.

This workshop offers small business leaders, marketing professionals, and entrepreneurs practical insights to understanding the tips and tricks to optimizing content, products, and website pages, to increase potential customers and attract relevant target audiences through organic search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo). Search Engine Optimization (SEO) changes frequently as the trends and patterns of individual user behaviors change. SEO isn’t just about driving lots of traffic to your site, its goal is to drive the right kind of qualified traffic. Website visitors are less meaningful if they aren’t converting into a customer, contact, or potential business lead. Quality SEO is what optimizes this.

Because this class is website-focused we recommend bringing your laptop, but it’s not mandatory.

In this workshop, participants will:
• Learn how to define your target audience and predict how their online searches will serve up your business as a potential search result.
• Learn how quality, optimized content is the cornerstone of SEO’s success, and the principles to optimizing your content.
• Learn how to optimize specific elements of your website or blog, including:
o Website page structure
o Website URLs
o Page Titles, Meta Descriptions, and Keywords
• Learn how other factors contribute to your website’s SEO rank, including:
o Website load speed
o Website User Experience
o Website Mobile Responsiveness
• Leave with a list of SEO tools to measure the above listed SEO elements and factors. These tools will be demonstrated during the class.
• Learn the important marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) considerations to make when selecting and purchasing a website domain name (URL).

Without quality SEO, your website is essentially invisible, and without an accurate understanding of how to implement and monitor your SEO you will not be able to modify your strategy to improve site performance. Join us and learn how to start driving traffic to your site.

We look forward to seeing you there!