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"Alternatives has encouraged and assisted me in developing my personal financial path, from opening my first savings account to purchasing my own home, I know I can count on Alternatives to have my best interests at heart."

Individual Development Account (IDA)

Special matched savings accounts designed to assist individuals with low to moderate income on the path toward asset ownership through matched savings and financial education.


Free Financial Counseling

We offer free financial counseling as a benefit of membership.


Money Wise

Take on your financial issues and develop a plan to overcome them.


Money Matters

Find various workshops focused on specific financial topics.


Credit Report Review

Get the help you need with a Certified Financial Counselor.



BALANCE's counselors can answer a wide variety of financially-related questions.


Do I have to be a member?

Anyone can sign up for a Credit Report Review, a workshop or course. If you want to continue with 1:1 counseling or use BALANCE, we ask that you open an account so we can work together to track your progress.


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