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Personal starter package

Everything you need to get started with Alternatives Federal Credit Union — in one convenient package.

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"We trust our accounts with Alternatives. It is small, friendly and invests in the community."

Savings account

Start here to gain membership and full access to Alternative's wide array of products and services. It just takes a minimum deposit of $5. There is no fee or minimum balance requirement for opening additional savings accounts.


Free Checking with paperless statements

Pay for day-to-day needs with this convenient checking account. For your convenience, your checking account is connected to your savings account and has no minimum balance requirements.


Alternatives VISA Debit Card

Alternatives VISA Debit Card works like a plastic check and is accepted wherever VISA is recognized. All purchases or cash withdrawals are deducted directly from your checking account. Transactions appear on your regular Alternatives monthly statement with your other checking transactions. The Alternatives VISA Debit Card has no annual fee, requires a checking account and is not available for savings only accounts.


Alternatives VISA Debit Card with line of credit

A combination debit and credit card, the Alternatives VISA Debit Card with a line of credit provides access to your Alternatives checking account and a line of credit for when you are short on funds. Contact us to learn more or to apply.



BALANCE's counselors can answer a wide variety of financially-related questions.


Free Financial Counseling

We offer free financial counseling as a benefit of membership.


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