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Routing information for direct deposits to Alternatives Federal Credit Union members: routing and transit number (also known as ABA number) is 221381867.


Wiring instructions 

To have funds wired to an account at Alternatives Federal Credit Union, please give the following information to the institution originating the wire transfer:

Wire to:                                     

Alloya Corporate Federal Credit Union
Routing/ABA # 271987635
184 Shuman Blvd Suite 400
Naperville, IL 60563

Credit to:

Alternatives Federal Credit Union
Account # 221381867 (AFCU Routing Number)
125 N. Fulton St
Ithaca, NY 14850

Further credit to:

Member’s full name,
Account number, and
Complete physical address  

There is a fee for this service. Please see our current Schedule of Fees.

International Wires

Because we are not set up to directly receive international wires, we do not have a SWIFT code. In order for you to receive an international wire, the sending institution must first send to their affiliated US financial institution with which they have an account. That US bank will then transmit funds to Alternatives, using the wire instructions above.

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