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In 1994, Alternatives Credit Union did its first Living Wage Study to address internal staff concerns about compensation levels. Rather than looking at what competitors paid, or what the statutory minimum wage was, the Credit Union wanted to see what it took to support a person above the poverty level. It has continued to update this study every two years.

Recent studies


Living Wage Study 2023


Living Wage Study 2021


Living Wage 2019 Panelists

Living Wage Study 2019 Notes

Living Wage Study 2019


Living Wage 2017 Press Release

Living Wage Study 2017 Notes

Living Wage Study 2017 


Living Wage Study 2015 Notes

Living Wage Study 2015


Living Wage 2013 Press Release

Living Wage 2013 Chart

Living Wage 2013 Notes


Living Wage 2011 Press Release

Living Wage 2011 Chart

Living Wage 2011 Notes

Living Wage links


Community organizing group that supports living wage movements.

Economic Policy Institute |

Research group that supports the living wage movement.

Responsible Wealth |

A program of United for a Fair Economy made up of the wealthiest people in America. Information about living wage movements.

United For a Fair Economy |

A "movement support" organization to provide media capacity, economic literacy education, and training resources to organizations and individuals who work to address the widening income and asset gap in our country.

Worker's Center |

Previously called The Living Wage Coalition, the Worker's Center advocates for a living wage in Tompkins County and also supports a Living Wage Employer Certification program.

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