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Alternatives’ has several internship opportunities available that offer self-contained, challenging projects. Selected interns will be assigned a staff mentor who provides training and guidance throughout the project. The reward for the intern is valuable practical experience and the satisfaction of a job well done.

Our program offers a mixture of collaboration, working, learning, and building technical and social skills. The goal of our program is to teach the importance of diversity of skill-set, flexibility, and adaptability.

Note: Our internships do not include monetary compensation.

Alternatives Credit Union is located in Ithaca, NY, which is approximately 250 miles (400 km) northwest of New York City. To learn more about Ithaca, go to

If you would like to pursue an internship, email: [email protected].

Student Credit Union

The Student Credit Union is a program to help young people learn financial education through credit union services. Student volunteers are trained as tellers and member service representatives to help their peers learn about saving and using financial products responsibly. Parents and teachers from local schools may get involved with their school’s credit union branch, or to start a new branch. An intern works with the director of the program to oversee branch operations and develop opportunities to expand membership and increase participation. This internship is an excellent opportunity to establish an innovative educational model in public schools.

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