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Schedule of Fees

Account Fees  
New account fee $2

Account maintenance fee* (monthly, or quarterly for savings only)

*waived with election of eStatements only


Health Savings Account (HSA), annual

*annual fee charged last day of calendar year


Dormant account fee, per month

*account dormant after 12 months no deposit, no withdrawal

Lucky Savers early withdrawal penalty $25
Statement Options  

eStatements only

*available in Online Access for 18 months

Statement copy within last 18 months  $5
Statement copy 18 months and older $2
Account Services  
Assisted account transfer $5
Temporary checks (sheet of 4) $5
Check printing Prices may vary
Official bank check $5
SkipPayment $30
Account research/reconcilement $25/hr, minimum 1 hr
Copy of cleared or deposited item $5
Return of deposit or payment $20
Stop payment, per draft or series $25
Check protest, per occurrence $25
Rush card replacement (sent express mail) $75
IRA or HSA direct transfer (outgoing) $25

International item processing (Canadian checks free)

*minimum check amount $300 for non-Canadian items

Overdraft Services  
NSF (Paid item) $28
Overdraft transfer from savings, per item (checks and EFT) $5
Wire Services  
Wire transfer in $15
Domestic wire transfer out $25
International wire transfer out (in US currency) $50
International wire transfer out (in foreign currency) $30
Legal Process Services  
Tax levy/lien $100
Restraining notice $100
Information subpoena $100
Additional Services  
Special currency/coin order $5
Faxes to/from members $1
Photocopies, each, self-serve $0.10
FedEx service (in addition to FedEx charge) $20
Notary Public (service available to AFCU members only) Free
Deposit Bag $5

Ithaca Hours

Ithaca Hours are accepted for 100% of all fees with the following exceptions:

  • Loan Payments - Max $20/month
  • Returned item/overdraft fees - Max $25/month
  • Class fees, loan application fees - Max $100/event

Bill Pay Access is now included

Don’t waste your money on stamps; pay your bills online. It’s easy to schedule single and recurring payments.

Non-member information

Checks written “on us” (Alternatives) are subject to a $5 check cashing fee.

Please note

Alternatives reserves the right (upon 30 day notice) to impose additional fees on high transaction volume business accounts.

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