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Student Credit Union Youth Accounts can be opened three ways:

  1. Online (start by clicking the button above);
  2. In person at any school's Student Credit Union branch (see branches here);
  3. In person at our main branch at 125 N. Fulton St. in Ithaca.

What do you need to open a Youth Account? Just these four items:

  • Completed Alternatives Federal Credit Union account card with student's signature
  • Student's Social Security number
  • $1 minimum initial deposit
  • $2 one-time membership fee (waived if parent/guardian is already a member**)

**To have the fee waived, parent/guardian should write their account number under "associated account numbers" on the student's membership card during account opening.

Please note that Alternatives Federal Credit Union cannot release any information to a parent/guardian about the student's account unless the parent/guardian is a joint owner of the account. For joint ownership, please also submit the following:

  • Parent/guardian photo ID
  • Parent/guardian signature on the back of the account card

Plus, when a youth account holder turns 19, their account automatically graduates into a regular membership account.

Programs like Mad City Money® or the Bill Myers Youth Internship do not require membership, and we hope that the lessons learned from those experiences will encourage young people to join our SCU.

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