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COVID-19 Update

Virtual Money Wise: Goals Edition

For the past 20 years the in-class Money Wise experience has supported individuals and families on a path to a brighter financial future. After a short hiatus, we’re back with a virtual version of Money Wise. This course will focus on the behavior changes necessary to successfully create and pursue your financial goals.

Money Wise: Goals Edition is designed to:

  • manage unexpected expenses
  • improve communication around money
  • direct your resources to get what you really want

The course will run for five sessions, from 6:00pm to 7:30pm on Mondays, starting January 25, 2021. The cost to attend is $20.00.

For questions and to register please contact Brendan Wilbur at (607) 216-3425 or [email protected]


More about Money Wise

Alternatives Federal Credit Union's money management course Money Wise provides people with the tools to confront financial issues in their lives. Topics covered include; income and debt, expense tracking, setting and saving toward goals, practical economics, record keeping, insurance, predatory lending, establishing and repairing credit, conscientious consuming, and investment options.

While other financial education courses are primarily geared towards providing information and worksheets, the Money Wise course walks students through the behavior change process. We believe that instead of overwhelming our students with templates to solve their financial troubles, we identify the individual as the instrument of change. Money Wise requires only one task — tracking expenses. Our goal is to see people realize that they have the ability to change and use that realization to confront their financial issues and begin managing their money.

For more information, contact Brendan Wilbur at (607) 216-3445.

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