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Get Your Business Organized- December 13th


Get Your Business Organized to Increase Productivity 

Date         December 13th

Time         9:30am-11:30am

Location   Alternatives FCU, 2nd floor

Cost          $30

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About the class

As a business owner, you probably have more things to do every day than you have time to do them. When you sit down to focus on the back end office piece of managing your business, you need this time to be productive and efficient!

Many people are operating on a small cleared space on a desk that is more hindrance than help. Drawers are filled with stuff you don't need (sometimes from the previous person who used the desk), desktops are piled with papers that you don't have the time or energy to deal with, and file drawers are stuffed to capacity (making it impossible to file anything new).

Just like a well organized kitchen helps you enjoy cooking, a well organized desk area will not only make your job easier, but may make it more enjoyable! Decluttering and organizing your computer desktop and e-mails will have the same result.

In this workshop, Robin will present her ideas, advice and guidance for editing the contents of your desk, starting a day-to-day system for dealing with incoming paper, organizing your computer files, and dealing with the daily influx of e-mails.

Many locals will know Robin from the Community Arts Partnership, Tompkins County's arts council, where she has worked as the Program Director for the past 26 years. Since the mid-80's, Robin has also been a professional organizer, teacher and coach. She currently teaches and on-going five session workshop focusing on decluttering and editing our belongings, a subject she never gets tired of. Learn more at