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Defining Your Brand with True Creative- July 13


Defining Your Brand with Julianna Truesdale and Brandon Kelloway of True Creative Design and Marketing


Date:                          July 13th

Times:                        9:30am - 11:30am

Location:                  125 N Fulton St, 2nd floor                             

Registration Fee:       $30.00

RSVP Information:     Please register here.


About The Class

How do you differentiate your business in the face of ever-increasing and, at times, overwhelming competition? How can you take your business to the next level?

Truly defining your brand is the critical first step in developing your marketing plan. It's the foundation of all of your branding efforts. Brand goes far beyond a company name and la logo. Brand is the persona of your company. Your brand is everything you do, everything you say and everything you act on.

Before you can start building your brand's experience for customers, you need to take come fundamental first steps to define the kind of brand you want to be.

In this class we will be highlighting the principles of big brand marketing so that small business owners can replicate those kind of successes.

Participants will:

  • Pinpoint their unique value proposition and use that to further define their brand
  • Learn to define what they stand for and the types of products and services that their customers can expect from them
  • Discover their unique set of skills that will form the basis of their brand definition

Julianna Truesdale and Brandon Kelloway are the owners of True Creative, a design and marketing firm in Ithaca, NY. Julianna and Brandon have been in the design and marketing industry for over 10 years and founded their own agency, with clients from Ithaca to California. True Creative specializes in branding, logo design, website design and development, SEO, digital marketing and social media.


She Means Business- August 6-10


She Means Business; An Entrepreneurial Workshop for Young Women ages 13-16


Dates:                         August 6th - 10th 

Times:                        9: 00am -4:00pm

Location:                  125 N Fulton St, 2nd floor                             

Registration Fee:      We are able to offer this event at no cost due to the generosity of our supporters

(Lunch and snacks are provided, a vegetarian option is available. Please feel welcome to bring your own if you have other dietary restrictions)

RSVP Information:     Please register here.

 During She Means Business, participants learn about the myriad steps necessary to develop a small business. From evaluating business ideas to building financial projections to retail pricing, the young women who participate in this week-long workshop gain valuable experience not taught elsewhere. As they receive instruction and advice from successful, local female business owners, the students also have the opportunity to network—both with the business owners and each other.

This workshop culminates in a final presentation of the participants’ business development plans to a mock funders' panel. Panelists then provide individualized feedback to help the young women take the next steps toward entrepreneurship. Not only does this workshop educate local young women about entrepreneurship and offer them hands-on experience developing their business ideas, it also facilitates a network of local business women of all ages who can offer their support and expertise as these young women navigate the business world.

It is our hope that through providing opportunities for education, feedback, and networking, these young women will have the practical knowledge they need to succeed in their entrepreneurial endeavors.