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Our culture

At Alternatives, we have a culture of leading with our values. We have diverse employees whose perspectives, experiences and knowledge help the Credit Union meet its mission and vision. A casual dress work environment, a living wage, great benefits, participatory decision-making structures, opportunities for advancement, and access to financial education and expertise, all help to create a supportive work environment. Some of us have worked here for over thirty years, some ten or twenty, and some started this year.

Our values


We choose to be accountable.

  • We are committed to our mission
  • We serve others
  • We demonstrate integrity in all we do
  • We practice appropriate workplace behavior in accordance with our policies and procedures
  • We are reliable and trustworthy


We are a source of positive change.

  • We champion radical ingenuity
  • We set bold industry standards
  • We think outside the Lotus
  • We learn and grow


We bridge divides.

  • We listen carefully and respectfully to one another
  • We give and ask for feedback
  • We respect the uniqueness of each individual
  • We put team objectives above personal interests

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